Vibe Direct Publishes Vibe Ride Driver App for iOS and Android - Enters Rideshare Market

The next big service from Vibe Direct is Vibe Ride. Think of the big names in the rideshare industry and then factor in the element of network marketing. Vibe Ride is built to help people get to where they need to go and designed to be more lucrative for those who join the community. Vibe Direct Independent Reps will be able to earn commissions on both drivers and riders they bring into the network. The driver app has just launched on the App Store and Google Play with plans to release the rider app in just a few weeks.

Building a solid foundation of drivers prior to launching the rider app is paramount. "We don't require all drivers to become Independent Reps, every driver will receive the same payout percentage for each completed ride" CEO of Vibe Direct Todd Wallace stated. But what non Rep drivers will miss out on is the income earned on community rides. Independent Reps will receive money on every ride containing their Rep ID. Meaning, if a driver or rider uses your Rep ID, you'll receive a portion of that fare typically reserved for companies providing the software.

"Vibe Ride has incredible potential to disrupt the ride share industry in a big way" says Wallace. The ability for Reps to earn income on every single completed ride in their network makes the merge of rideshare service industry and network marketing a perfect intersection.

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About Vibe Direct

Based in Irving, Texas, Vibe Direct, LLC ( is a peer-to-peer referral platform whose services include Vibe Mobile, Vibe Deals, Vibe Live, ViFi, Vibe TV and Vibe Ride. The company focuses on providing opportunity for those who wish to secure residual earnings from family and friend referrals. Vibe Direct operates in the US currently and plans near-term expansion throughout South America, Europe and Asia in the coming years.