Vibe Direct Delivers Vibe WiFi

Vibe WiFi is the most recent addition to the growing list of services Vibe Direct offers. Vibe WiFi, or ViFi, is the Vibe Direct mobile hotspot allowing users to take the internet and go. The ViFi device comes with a ViFi mobile hotspot, 2 GB of data, carrying case, and access to affordable pay as you go data packages.

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Users will have the option to top up their service in 1 GB, 2 GB, 3 GB, 5 GB, and 10 GB increments. Customers will be able to refill anytime and there are no hidden fees or equipment needed. The idea of mobile hotspots isn’t new. But what is new, is how the ViFi is sold direct from consumer to consumer and the services paired with it.


The ViFi service offering is unique because of the powerful services beside it. “We are creating a range of services aimed at giving people greater digital freedom” says Vibe Direct CEO Todd Wallace. ViFi paired with mobile service, access to thousands of local discount deals, and digital streaming TV gives the Vibe Direct Independent Reps a lot to talk about.

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About Vibe Direct

Based in Irving, Texas, Vibe Direct, LLC ( is a peer-to-peer referral platform whose services include Vibe Mobile, Vibe Deals, Vibe Live, ViFi, Vibe TV and Vibe Ride. The company focuses on providing opportunity for those who wish to secure residual earnings from family and friend referrals. Vibe Direct operates in the US currently and plans near-term expansion throughout South America, Europe and Asia in the coming years.